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We recently had the opportunity to speak with Nikhil Chinapa about his joining BitClout with a large Clubhouse audience of over 200 fans. Nikhil has spent a lifetime dedicated to spreading music throughout India, first on MTV (1999-Present), then through co-founding Submerge, one of the most influential EDM companies throughout India, as well as co-founding Sunburn, Asia’s largest music festival, and now through his festival Supersonic, which he has used as a vehicle to bring the biggest names in EDM throughout the world to perform to massive crowds in Mahalakshmi, India. The number of artists inspired to become DJs and Producers through the work Nikhil has put into the last twenty years is unknown, but certainly would be a jaw-dropping figure.

Nikhil, like AudioNode, is a vocal critic of Spotify, based on a Twitter post from 2018. Our relationship with the streaming goliath is a complicated one. Yes, we felt it was imperative to link creator coin price with Spotify follower data as our MVP roll-out for AudioNode. It is currently one of the most important data sources for the music industry and will be for some time, and thus in order to reach people outside the decentralized economy, it is and will be a critical data source to help people understand how to relate creator coin to industry data. If we fail to relate bitclout to the real world, mass adoption will never happen.

But we mustn’t keep a short-sighted view on what the creator coin economy means to musicians and their fans, even while we are well aware of the inequities associated with the financial payouts of these massive streaming services.

Once AudioNode becomes the resource for the musician creator coin economy, and fans from all over the world are trading coins through on the bitclout blockchain, we will then hold the power to change the critical data source which traders use to make their trades. And yes, we will choose a decentralized platform that allows artists to take ownership of their digital content back from the streaming giants. That could be an existing service like Audius, or it could be a service that has yet to be built (hopefully on the bitclout blockchain).

We realize the gravity of holding that power, and that’s precisely why it is critical to support nodes who you are sure will use their power for good. And if you are currently upset that we use Spotify data as our metric, first, many other metrics will come soon (including hard ticket sale data), but we truly hope you share our long-term vision. We must start in the reality of the present before we can push for a better future.

Welcome Nikhil, thank you for the inspiration to write this piece and your inspiration to millions of young artists across India. And welcome everyone to a better future for artists everywhere.

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