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ClayPerryMusic is a testament to the power of spoken word and positive intention on the BitClout platform. From sharing inspiration through posts and music, working on community projects, and exploring ways to support BitClout artists beyond coin prices, Clay Perry is a model for new independent artists on the platform, whatever your genre, craft, or passion. He has earned his reputation through a mixture of organic growth, talent, and consistent execution of his ideas. As a BitClout OG, he was also the obvious candidate to cement his legacy on the platform with a song that’s now taking on a life of its own.

Clay Perry’s now iconic song, “BitClout” (Produced by RumblPak), was the first to make reference to the new cultural phenomenon we have all come to know and love. But if you ask us it still wouldn’t have this level of success if it wasn’t an absolute banger, which it is. The veteran flow, incredibly clean production of RumblPak, and general hyped vibe, makes you feel like you really are about to become a BitClout millionaire. The song has already stacked up over 10K plays on Spotify in a couple weeks, solidifying its place as an official BitClout anthem.

Following “BitClout” with the adorable “Wendy’s Song”, and another banger, “DiamondHands Freestyle” (Produced by ToryLanez), Clay has consistently invested into the platform with his art and is clearly a long term player. In his words, “I have a vision, I ain’t never been one for the quick route”. Because of that work, he’s attracted the attention of the BitClout developers and whales who see the clear potential of his music as marketing tools for BitClout itself. Where words fail, sometimes music can deliver the right vibe. And, at least for now, the community seems to have unanimously agreed that ClayPerry is doing so, with style.

Apart from being an incredibly talented rapper, Clay fosters an inclusive community around his many related projects. The NachoAverage 24hr room call he started has not only allowed users to meet face to face, but also to support each other navigating the platform, and sometimes life in general. There is also now a NachoAverageHouse and we personally would love to go to a party there sometime and pass out on the couch.

And then there’s CloutRecords, which Clay runs with his partner in clout wendyleigh. They have a mission of uplifting BitClout artists and paying them their worth, a much-needed cause that would also help solidify the platform as an artist-supporting engine for good. From the CloutRecords BitClout page: “We will not be signing artists to traditional deals. Instead we will be ‘cosigning’ artists. The idea is to provide the ability for artists to achieve their dreams while still owning their own name and masters. Over time we will be releasing more details as to how it will work.”

Finally, Clay recently announced NachoAverageTour, which, in retrospect, was inevitable. Their first run kicks off this August with planned dates in twelve US cities spanning the Nation.  We are happy to announce that the first major venue stop on the NachoAverageTour will be at an event curated by AudioNode with a lineup packed full of past and future BitClout artists, including: Clay Perry (of course), Tropix, Juice Jones II, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, LAW (son of Bradley Nowell), Swanny Ivy, and Brisa Lauren.  The event will be held August 19th at the Music Box in downtown San Diego.  The entire 3rd floor will be reserved for BitClout enthusiasts (or the general public who figures out how to buy some $CLOUT) through purchasing $50 worth of the $audionode_hyped coin, which after the event, $25 will be returned to attendees via AudioNode coin.  For more information, visit audionode_hyped.

With BitClout onboarding sessions, meet ‘n greets, and special performances at each stop, the Nacho Average Tour will serve to expose more people to Clay’s talents as well as the BitClout platform overall.  The formula is simple: locate the leaders within cities you want to hit, crowd-source venues, and accommodations via the BitClout community and promote via reclouts. We think, and we welcome, this becoming a widely used formula for launching new artists on the road , but being the first BitClout tour, Clay and his crew will certainly benefit from that extra first-to-market bump. The Founder’s Reward is set to 90% to help fuel their way across the country.


At the time of writing, ClayPerryMusic coin is valued at $1.78K. He also boasts an impressive average of 15.36 posts a day over the past two weeks. Being active pays off! On June 4th, Clay had a spree of buys from whale accounts. First Galamar ($22,508), then Douglass ($2,249), Whoami ($7,755) and finally DiamondHands ($3,398) literally at the stroke of midnight. Whoami then topped off with a juicy $33,983 buy early the next day, becoming Clay’s top coin holder, with jakeudell and musicdave buying a couple coins as well. While Galamar has since aped out, the rest of the whales continue to hold. Whoami and DiamondHands bought even more on July 1st, keeping Clay’s coin well above $1.5K. He’s received $12.5K total in Founders Reward with most revenue at the 10% mark. After that day in July, Clay raised his founders reward from 10 to 15% and has continued focusing on bringing value to his holders by doing what he does best, creating art and connecting people through music.

Looking through Clay’s trade history, the first thing that stands out is major investments from the bitclout team with Whoami being Clay’s first major supporter on 4/20 (puff puff), followed by Diamondhands on 6/4 and Whoami aping in hard again right after The Hands with a buy of over $30k. JakeUdell followed behind the team with a buy of three coins.

Following the dev team purchase, Clay’s most active day trader, Galamar, was finally able to off-load 5 coins at a $4500 profit (125% ROI) but that was only after burning through 25 ClayPerryMusic coins on barely any returns! Ouch, a little patience and HODLing could have paid off big. On the topic of ouch, poor ConnorMitchell was able to secure 8 ClayPerryMusic coins at a bargain of less than $100/coin, but rather than holding, let them go for a measly $400 profit. But we can’t imagine that’s kept him up at night, as he’s proven to be yet another successful early adopter.

While Clay fell into the same pitfall of many early bitclout adopters, not owning enough of your own coin before trading volume spikes, he also was part of the early algorithm where FR was paid out in your own coin (rather than CLOUT as it is today).  The early trade activity on his account offset his small purchase of less than 5 coins by providing him with another 6 coins earned through FR.

Having not sold a cent, other than transferring a meaningfully round 1.0 coins each to JakeUdell and DiamondHands, Clay not only knows the way to a BitClout whales heart, but he has played the game like a total pro since day one.

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