Minting Coins

Allows fans to hold stake in your brand and make gains as your brand grows

Founder’s Reward

Provides you a % of each trade directly in $DESO, a liquid crypto available on multiple open exchanges

Minting NFTs

Allows you and your coin holders to make a % of each sale and re-sale, further increasing your coin’s value

Public Cap Tables

Allow you to see your biggest supporters and provide unique incentives to your top coin holders

Trading History

Provides direct insight into your digital strategies to better understand what is working and where to pour on more gas

DeSo Blockchain

Is the only blockchain technology that provides all of these tools under one roof

CURRENT MISSION:  Help artists find success on the DeSo Blockchhain by providing transparent value to their coin holders while engaging in a new kind of relationship with their fanbase

All of our creator coin services are free and customizable to you and your team’s needs.  Currently, you must first have an account on the BitClout and then submit for verification to get on AudioNode’s database.  If you do not have an account, we recommend you submit an ICO (initial coin offering) application to see if your project qualifies for our full ICO services – which could include up to $500 in ICO assistance!

Onboarding is the first, and likely most critical, step towards a successful launch into the crypto-verse.  From security protocols at account creation to ICO (initial coin offering), AudioNode can provide the basics or detailed step-by-step consulting.  With so many financial levers at your disposal, it takes expertise to make the right decisions specific to your project.  You only get one shot at an ICO!  Our team has a diverse background to provide complete end-to-end services or as a digital toolkit add-on to your existing management team.

Learn more about our ICO process or submit an application now!

Submitting for Verification is the only way to get added to our database and allow you to set up an artist profile.  Not only will becoming verified give you access to future features, but it shows that an independent, third-party verification has been performed.  Traders on the BitClout blockchain are always looking for verification before confidently buying a creator’s coin, making it an absolutely essential step for every artist to get the kind of trade volume they deserve.

Just like the marketing blitz surrounding a public IPO, an artist’s ICO should be treated with a thoughtful and focused approach.  Backed by decades of marketing experience within the music industry, we’ll teach you the strategies to pump up your coin price without pimping out your fanbase.  We believe in a strategy that gets your fans excited about the opportunity while educating them on responsibility – transparency builds trust!

NFTs are another creative space for marketing strategy.  We help create an offering of high value without catering only to a single highest bidder.  Your fans will appreciate the consideration in this difficult balancing act between inclusion and revenue.